LAP-BAND® Surgery

LAP-BAND® surgery reduces the size of the opening from the esophagus to the stomach with a “Lap Band” device, restricting your food intake.

Using an adjustable band to constrict and reduce the size of your stomach, laparoscopic adjustable banding limits the amount of food you are physically able to take in, causing you to feel full sooner when eating. Beginning 30 days after placement, the band is gradually adjusted over time to manage your food intake.
Band placement is a minimally invasive procedure that requires an overnight stay in the hospital. Our bariatric surgical specialists use the latest in state-of-the-art, minimally invasive laparoscopic technology to insure the best results and fastest healing time.
LAP-BAND® surgery is considered a “restrictive” surgery, in that it reduces the size of meal portions your body can tolerate without changing the digestive process. Still, specialized multi-vitamins, such as The Band Complete or the Weight Loss Center VitaTab Chewable Multi-Vitamin are recommended for Lap Band patients. To find out more, talk with our staff or download our LAP-BAND® Patient Guide.