Bariatric Surgery
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Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss at PinnacleHealth

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Luciano A. DiMarco, DO, FACOS, Bariatric Surgeon


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Weight Loss & Nutrition

Advanced Surgery for Weight Loss

The surgeons at PinnacleHealth are expert at a wide range of bariatric surgical options, including advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques for LAP-BAND®, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

The surgeons at PinnacleHealth offer patients a wide range of weight loss surgery options, including the most advanced laproscopic procedures. Research bariaric weight loss surgery services below.

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Bariatric Surgery Guidelines

For some people who have struggled with sustainable weight loss, bariatric surgery at PinnacleHealth may be the answer. See Bariatric Surgery Guidelines below.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

The benefits of weight loss surgery include weight loss, improved quality of life and the resolution or improvement of certain medical problems related to obesity and overweight.

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The Surgical Journey

We work closely with patients through the entire surgical process, providing expert guidance and support from initial consultation through surgery and beyond.

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Life After Bariatric Surgery

Your success after bariatric surgery will require important lifestyle changes, like eating right and exercising. You will also need regular follow-up appointments with the staff and physicians at PinnacleHealth's Weight Loss Center. Let PinnacleHealth guide you through life after bariatric surgery.

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Post Bariatric Surgery Support

Sustained weight loss is a lifetime committment. At PinnacleHealth we offer our patients a full range of post bariatric surgery support services to lose weight and keep it off.

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